Willie James Jennings on the Church and Race

I think that for the church it is especially dangerous for us to engage in any kind of historical mapping of the Obama presidency in terms of the racial condition of America because we have had such a significant role in creating these particular problems and because we have yet, as a church, to come to grips with our role.


My life has been blessed by the guidance and wisdom of a man whom I am also privileged to call a friend. Through him I learned about what it meant to think theologically, to think and teach for the church, and to do theology communally. In many ways he is the bandleader, the drummer who keeps us all in time but never demanded the center of the stage. Because of this too few folks know if his brilliance or his courage, but I hope this will change as he can devote more time to his own research. While not the beginning of his work the interview below represents the trajectory of his work. To be brief. He is the man!