I am a child of the in between. The light-skinned child of a white mother and a black father, my childhood was marked by a nebulous feeling of in and out. More often I brushed the edges of other people’s lives sensing the heat of their inclusion, their warmth within homes of certainty and placedness. While many have seen this vacuous space as a curse, a tragic space of neither/nor, I was blessed to find a home, a place. In the span of three years in high school I had regained a father, found Jesus, lost a father, and found belonging. In the midst of this, I did not escape the challenge of negotiating a life in between, but now found that I was not alone, that God had formed me and made me, and in my baptism I had been made new. A child of God, I was a child in between.

In writing this blog it is my hope to simply share my thoughts and observations as a child in between. As one seemingly caught and blessed, bound to many peoples through my biology, by my “adoption” through marriage, and by a God who became inextricably bound to me, these thoughts come not from a place of certainty but from a disciple trying to negotiate a world in its intricacies.

As it may have become clear, this is a blog that is not only about being a Christian or being mixed, but  being in the world. As such, my writing in this space is simply trying to think through the realities of the world as it is, and as it is imagined.

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